A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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My observations

This camera is causing a problem for Sigma solidarity, isn't it.

The price is a big problem - it is exaggerating any negative feelings people have (understandably so). The other problem is the early results don't have the look we are used to from Foveon and there are some rather obvious flaws.

My feeling is that it is too early to rush to judgement and I wish some people would get off both bandwaggons (praising everything or criticising eveything).

From a marketing/PR point of view the whole thing is a disaster but that is done now. Now the camera is in the hands of a few photographers, patience is required until people have figured out how to get the best out of the hardware and software (and perhaps there have been some upgrades).

It seems it will take a while before a full understanding of the camera's capabilities and weakenesses is nailed down.

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