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Shatrughan Azaad Saxena New Member • Posts: 8
Which lens


I am in India and using Canon Rebel T3i/660D with default kit lens 18-55 IS II. Its a good lens but doesn't do justice with what quality this camera is suppose to produce. I am looking for upgrade but I have few point to made:

1. I am just a beginner and learning photography.

2. I am interested in taking all types of pics like landscapes, portrait and don't want to restrict myself as I am leaning, to one particular kind of photography stream. I hope you understand.

3. To add of above point, I also don't want to carry multiple lenses. I mean, I already have 18-55mm lens. and if anyone suggest next cheap lens to buy will be 55-250mm new lens from Canon. Both these lenses will cover fantastic range from wide angle 18mm till 250mm Telephoto but still I need to change these lenses every time, I need to take a different photograph. I don't want to do that. But I still know that if I buy a lens like 18-200mm, my original kit lens will go waste but I am ready for that.

4. My budget is also little tight but I am ready to wait till I can manage a descent lens, So don't mind to suggest me a good lens.

5. My friend suggested me to go for Tamron 18-200mm lens but shopkeeper told me that this lens is noisy and go with Canon lenses only.

6. So, please also advice me if lenses from Sigma, Tokina or Tamron are also good enough in my range.

7. Some lenses like Tamron 18-200mm, Tamron 18-270mm or any other brand with same focal range in Canon. Which one should I go?



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