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Re: Some Key Differences between Penatx and Olympus

There is no reason at all to believe that Pentax will be dead and gone. On the contrary there are some key differences between Pentax and Olympus that actually give Pentax a somewhat better position for revival.

First, Ricoh is a very big company and they clearly have bought Pentax to give it a boost. Hoya let it linger on, but still, despite that Pentax has made some really strong cameras on the late. And financially they have been on the black unlike Olympus. Olympus is still in the red and the only place they are improving is the Japan. Most of the world still wants DSLR and Olympus has none to offer.

Second, Pentax is a much stronger camera brand than Olympus. Everyone knows Pentax as a camera company while a lot of people still think Olympus quit the camera business or they just equal Olympus cameras with junk. Dropping the 4/3 has not added any credibility too. Olympus has generated a lot of ill-will recently with its decisions and actions. Pentax on the other hand has been a very stable company despite the problems it has had some years back. They have always concentrated on keeping their system going.

Third, DSLR-s still make up the larger part of interchangeable lens cameras and Pentax K-mount has a strong tradition that lets them cater to this market. All they need is some more power to develop their cameras even further to be really competitive. They can now easily cater to the weather sealed DSLR market that Olympus has dropped out. While Olympus concentrates on the m4/3 they will completely miss the DSLR market (that is much bigger than mirrorless for a long time I predict) and Pentax can take their place. Olympus won't ever be able to return without the tremendous amount of effort.

Penatx still has credibility to make cameras for professional market. By dropping 4/3 Olympus has blown its chances to cater to this market. I think they will never again try to make a pro oriented system and rather concentrate on consumer cameras. And even if they try, all the current 4/3 using pros have probably already moved to Canikon and they would need something very very special to return. I see no reason for Olympus to try to make a PEN pro because it would be too late when they finally would get to it.

Pentax clearly has a direction, but Olympus seems not to have one. They have concentrated on making a very specific type of cameras without almost any product differentiation. A lot of people who buy PEN are probably people who are not brand loyal in a sense that they see themselves as buying into a system. These people could jump ship anytime Canikon would come out with their own version.

Pentax has not screwed their loyal customers. Olympus has done this several times in recent history. As they are facing more and more stronger competition from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and soon from Fuji, people who have bought PEN because it looks cool, will not keep them going. So it still might happen that by 2015 they are not doing as well as they wanted and the imaging division will have to go. It would only take Canikon to also start a mirrorless system and Olympus would be blown out of the water soon enough. Of course Pentax has no viable entry point to this market yet, but it still yet to be seen what plans Ricoh has.

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