Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Series E – An old gem

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Re: Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Series E – An old gem

My 85/1.8 and 180/2.8 have been always in my bag and sufficed instead of using a 80-200/2.8 (my zoom went out of adjustment) and I don't have the cash or interest in carrying a 70-200 VR.

Recently I tried again to use my 75-150 to fill in the focal length gaps. In medium to good light, I found that I could manual focus and some of my best shots that day were taken with that lens. My previous attempts were low light wide open shooting. None of those "sessions" benefitted by using the 75-150, though. Those sessions were better off with f1.8 on the 85mm and being able to use better ISOs.

But as I found, the medium light situation was a good place for this lens. An added bonus was it's close focusing ability. Sometimes the 85 and 180 can force my back against the wall (or into another guest).

The constant f3.5 (similar to the constant f4 zooms people always yap about) doesn't bring this type lens into the same league as f1.8 lenses for low light, but rather helps on the bokeh possibilities. So even though I have a close focusing 28-200G that I can and do use, I'm not stuck at f5.6 for most of the range that the variable aperture lens forces on us. And directly comparing the 28-200G to the 75-150 in bokeh alone gives a painfully unfair advatage to the 75-150.

I could possible start to say that the bokeh on the 85/1.8 is not as good as the 75-150 but that is partially because I shoot the 85 close to wide open. Stopping down a little both sharpens up the picture and reduces any unpleasantness that might be noticed. So I wouldn't say that the 75-150 tops the 85 in bokeh, but more framing possibilities are available. So the decision to choose the 75-150 over my two other favorite lenses does come down to framing shots in medium light. My 75-150 has found a place in my bag next to those two other lenses. I might not use it much, but there is sooo little pain taking the series E lens instead of taking lenses like the 80-200/2.8 where you almost kick yourself for taking it if you didn't use it.

So even though I miss my 80-200 a little, I feel that I am covered well with those 3 lenses in my bag. I have more flexibility with the ability to lighten my load in a pinch (leave one or two of the lenses behind) and I am blessed by the bokeh of the 75-150 and 180. Thanks 75-150,

Guy Moscoso

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