Hoya filter lineup question

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Re: Hoya filter lineup question

thanks! yes it's quite clear which reflects less light

well, the Pro1D was a 'UV' filter so i'd assume it had a UV filtering characteristic.. will see if i get a chance to test and try, now that I have a Hoya HMC and a Hoya Pro1D.. won't be any time too soon though

Anant Dabholkar wrote:

I took a picture of my two Cameras, the first time the 28-135 on the 5D II had a BB brand Sunpak filter. I noticed all the light reflected back, which tell you how much got lost in entering the lens.

After I changed the filter to a B+W UV filter in the other photo, the reflections are much less.

Regarding Digital filters such as the Hoya Pro1 D, I'm told thet they may not have a UV type coating, some other multi-coating, since Digital sensors aren't sensitive to UV light the way film was. Hence even clear multi-coated filters work just fine on digital cameras.UV coating does not hurt anything though.

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