According to Kodak airplane travel destroys your digital camera

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Or that he knows how to have fun...

MisterBG wrote:

If all else fails

Actually, the people debunking the gamma gang have been pretty successful. It's not an issue of failure.

resort to poetry

Music. Click the link to the MP3. It's safe. But scan it first if you like. I won't be offended.

or should that be plagiarism?

No, it shouldn't. It's parody, and it's considered "fair use" under copyright law.

Some people make a career out of it. Ever hear of "Weird Al" Yankovic?

He's gotten three Grammy nominations for doing things like turning The Knack's My Sharona into My Bologna or Queen's Another One Bites the Dust into Another One Rides the Bus .

How about Mad Magazine ?

They've been doing wonderfully horrid parodies for 60 years. I have a crumbly copy of their musical version of Star Trek

  • Captain, I've been doing an analysis of the crew, and I've made a startling discovery. Of the 430 people aboard the Second Prize, 425 of them appear to not perform any useful function.

  • No Mr. Spock, they perform a very important function, to die dramatically so that you and I don't have to...

(To the tune of Age of Aquarius )

  • As your ship flies through the galaxies

  • To distant worlds, way past Mars

  • Make sure that your adventures

  • Do not... kill off your stars

  • And you can do it with a crew that's expendable

(rest of the crew joins in)

  • A crew that's expendable

  • Expendable!

  • Ex-pen-da-ble!

  • All the extras that you bring on

  • Perish when they meet a Klingon

  • One time bit players not seen later

  • Vanish in a planet's crater

  • Nothing that you do can save them

  • Cause you know the script has made them

  • Expendable!

  • Ex-pen-da-ble!

(They changed the name "Spock", but I can't remember what they changed it to. I haven't read the thing in at least 30 years. My memory is phenomenal, but there are limits).

Or "filk", that wonderful activity at sci-fi conventions, where people mutilate popular or unpopular songs to add sci-fi, technology, or political themes.

Note that, to actually be filk, the song has to be "on topic" at a science fiction or fantasy convention.

The two new ones I did just for this thread, Another End of Days Rant and Eve of Digital Destruction both have themes of large corporation conspiracies and FUD, Luddites finding imaginary flaws in a beneficial technology, and the debunking of "bad science". So they'd be filk.

I tend to use the term a little loosely, only about half the songs I post are really filk, although whether or not they're filk, they're definitely parodies.

The two I linked earlier, older pieces, Trollochrome and Rawhide aren't actually filk, just plain old parodies.

However, since parody doesn't have a decent verb form, and I am well known as a master filker...

I also set up KAR and CDG files for other filkers.

I have a lot of fun, and it's not really at anybodies' expense, except the folks who came here, not to actually make any arguments concerning this issue, but simply to stir up trouble and see how many people that they could make angry, like Sam and Ancient Enemy.

Oh, and you notice that Adegroot made his two line, controversial post, then vanished, just sitting back and laughing his rear off as the tinfoil hat conspiracy crowd went to war with the people who actually know something about electronics. That's world class trolling. Much better done than the rank amateurs Sam and AncientEnemy. It's fun watching a professional at work.

Now, you be good, or I'll have to post the links to where I sing Klingon opera, or do a dramatic reading of Vogon poetry.

Or my own matrix poems (that's not the movie The Matrix . I write poetry as interlocking two dimensional structures of words).

(I just tried to go comment on another remark elsewhere in this tread and found it's hit the 150 post limit. But I'm in time to edit. Since this is post 150, that's a good last word for the thread...)


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