A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Re: A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

Without any wishful thinking, because I'm a very very very pragmatic guy, I see that this camera is NOT FINISHED YET (hardware & Software).

At first, there is close to NO lenses who can work on it. Whatever the lens, 17-70, 17-50 ... prime, EX or not, I never seen for now any photo that go beyond SD15, DP2/DP1, SD14, K5, 7D Image Quality.

When I look at the photos, Rick, Yes they are Huge files but all have some MAJOR issues, compared, let say, at an Iphone4....

They sux. Its not your fault Rick, at all, this camera just don't deserve you. With a DP2x and a DP1x U will have done FAR BETTER image during this trip.

My guess is:

SIGMA bought Foveon > > SIGMA developed the Technology > > SIGMA showed the world that they can do a 15Mp Foveon > > SIGMA want his DSLR and Compact department bought by a big one, like Ricoh did with Pentax.

The SD1 is the worst finished camera that SIGMA ever did. Even the first SD9 was less bugged and totally cool by his colors and resolution.

This is a big big joke, a big Joke at 6999 € without lens.

This is a pragmatic thinking.

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