Photoflex softbox and speedring question

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Re: So Buff speedring should work on Photoflex softbox?

gary stepic wrote:

I did not know a Buff speedring could be used with a Photoflex softbox. I thought they were proprietory type products.

Only the lightside mount is specific, Belcar, Elinchrom, Profoto, or whatever. For the most part, the modifier end is non specific. The main exception is four or eight, some speedrings have only four sockets, others will take four or eight (rectangular or octa).

I have a Buff 60x30 softbox and am debating about how much I will use it if I get the larger Photoflex box. I could try that speedring. I was planning on the Chimera quick release for around $90. No point spending money I don't need to.

It should, no guarantee, work just fine. The more recent Photoflex boxes have Velcro quick release tabs at the corners, making a quick release ring somewhat redundant.

Brian A

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