A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Mike Morrison Contributing Member • Posts: 814
Re: A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

Hi Rick; been a while since I have been on this forum.

Great discussion on your finding so far with SPP and SD1.

From what I can see with the images there is certainly no issues with your composition and the SD1 seems to be providing excellent detail, but I believe that the lenses are not holding up to the quality of the sensor and may be the SD1's biggest limiting factor at this point in time.

I know this a matter of taste but, IMHO, I believe some these shots would benefit from a little boost in the mid tone contrast and clipping the left histogram tail a little to bring up the blacks. A little boost in the sharping wouldn't hurt either, might as will take advantage of that lack of a AA filter and all those MP's.


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