Thoughts on the PEN eP3 and its sibs

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Thoughts on the PEN eP3 and its sibs

I bought a ePL2 a couple of weeks ago and I can say I am a satisfied customer.

I though I might have buyers regret with the P3 coming out but based on what I have heard so far I think I will have none.

Here are my thoughts on what I have heard about the PEN P3

1) I think the touch screen is a really bad idea. The screen on the PL2 is already way too fragile and attracts finger oils like a magnet. When actually shooting my hands are dirty as often as not, with birthday cake, dog drool, suntan lotion and even the remains of bug spray. I won't be using a touch screen much. What would have been useful is an articulating display or even a display you could cover up when you are walking or storing the camera.

The PL2 screen is way way too fragile already, it is not recessed and not very scratch resistant I dinged it badly in the first week of use. I used my FZ30 for years without a scratch. The PL2 screen is coated so you can't buff out scratches. This almost makes it a disposible camera. I tried the screen protecting films and none of them are even remotely usable. I haven't tried the Zagg ones on my camera, but I did try them on my phone and they were crap IMO.

The P3 would have been way better if it had a articualting display or even a display that you could cover up with something, a flip down door for instance.

And every LCD cover should be recessed at least 1mm .... that is just common sense.

2) Seems like Olympus is putting the same sensor into the P3 as the PL2, and calling it a magic new sensor because of post processing. This didn't go over very well for the Pana FZ30 to FZ50 transition and I don't think it will go over well now either.

Seems to me they got it right with the PL2. I love the colour and DR

If they could deliver less low light noise at all ISO and improve dynamic range ... that would be something.

Seems to me that increasing the number of megapixels from 12 is pretty pointless for the P3 as the lenses I have are perfectly matched for 12MP and my improptu non-sceintific playing could get more magnification but no more detail out of the kit lenses.

There is no need for more MP at this time it seems to me.

3) The rotary dial on the back of the PL2 is way too easy to turn ... it needs more stepping. I hope they fix that with the P3.

4) The PL2 autofocus seem plenty fast to me but it is also plenty inaccurate with a low contrast subject like a black dog on a bright background. Fast is good accurate is better. I am not complaining much as the PL2 focusing isn't bad. Having the focusing areas go right to the edge of the frame would be useful and the P3 seems to have that. I ran into that limitation just today.

5) I find myself using the "prime" lens (pana) quite a lot with the camera. The faster the better as the sensor in the PENs are noisy even at 200, but not problematic noisy. At ISO 1600 the images are almost unusable unless the light is good and colour balance just right. (or shot raw). Oly seem to be going in this direction and I think that is good. If they could make the zooms as fast ....that would be something ...but that is probably being greedy.

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