macro of eyes, compact or dslr ??

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macro of eyes, compact or dslr ??


I have a special request. I need a camera which is primarily going to be used for taking pictures of small animals eyes with eyes the size of a penny (little finger nail).

Now the budget  is not unlimited so macro lense,  DSLR, circular flash and so on is propably out of the question. Also the cam needs to be easy in used, its going to be used by non photographers

Now what i have been thinking is the following:

DSLR, pros: speed, dedicated macro lense, lighting options, cons: expensive, heavy, specialised operation.

Prosumer compact, pros: close focusing/ macro mode built in, cheapish, easy to use.
cons: slower af, smaller sensor, lighting options.

Micro 43, pros: great sensor, fast af (new olys), easy operation
Cons: need of macro lense, lighting options, price of both housing and lense.

I guess macro capabilitie as well as AF speed is crucial so I would be gratefull of any recomendations. I have the following under cosideration, Olympus M43 ( the new Ep3 mini), Sony HX9v, Canon G12.

Ohh also one thing I also think about is how to solve lighting if this is nescesarry. The pictures will be taken quite close up so I guess most cams will block the flash. Can this be solved by hand heldt LED panel or something else ??

Kind regards


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