E-P3: It's too bad they didn't update the sensor

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Re: I am happy they stuck with the same sensor

Tremor16 wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

1. It extended personal preference to generalized statement, and even more importantly:

2. It shows person either never owned Nikon DSLR or has not understood it and used it to it's full potential as Nikon has "picture controls" that allow you to very finely tune aspects of how JPG SOOC will look like. And not only that but it allows you to have number of picture controls in camera at any point in time, all switchable at flick of menu setting, all downloadable to/from PC, and all being recognized by it's RAW priocessing software. Think "JPG processing settings on steroids".

I'm sorry, what? Are you suggesting other cameras can't fine tune the picture output?

Of course one can tune SOOC JPG in other cameras too, just not in amount and ways you can with Nikon's picture controls.

But that is not the point. Point I was trying to make is that everything indicates you are not familiar at all with Nikon's power when it comes to SOOC JPGs and that you are basing your categorative statements on whatever little you have "experienced" of D90 through proxy (results your friend showed you from his D90).

I am sorry, but I own EP2, D300, D700, and have owned D90. I am very familiar with their outputs. While output from EP2 is very pleasing SOOC one from Nikon is even more given fair chance.

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