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Re: Thinking of getting a NEX

As far as battery life goes, I can, and have always been, lug around a second battery! I can always buy a spare due to price difference!

A spare battery is always a good thing, with any camera. If you will often need an spare depends ona few things: How many pictures do you take in a day, How long are you looking at the LCDHow often can you load the battery etc. For my kind of shooting I never used up all the juice in one day, but I switch of the camera after every shot, don't look long at the LCD ertc.

I dont know about that heating issue though! Is that really a huge concern amongst users or is it just because of prolonged use? If so, how long does it take for the camera to heat up and what conditions are they being used in?

I never encountered any heating problem with my Nex5, but then I only take short videos (not much longer the a few minutes. When you are filming long clips, or many short clips and some stills etc in a short row then you may find the warning on the screen that you might have to let the camera cool down for some minutes.

So far I dont really do shots that needs long exposures and dont really plan to take videos much! Size would be, like you guys said, of personal preference, i think and so I will do as you guys advice and go to a store and try out how each camera feels!

Well when you don't need the remote, the Nex3/C3 are good options...

Is the material of the camera of real importance though? Does it help in any way? Maybe with the over heating issue? Cuz if its just the feel of plasticy and a good metal feel, its fine and I do take good care of my stuff anyways! So I would just like to know if there is a real disadvantage in material!

The material is making the camera (in theory) a litle bit stronger, It will feel stronger/better build, but has no real influence in the rest. Some may think that magnesium will do something to prevent the camera from overheating, but I never found evidence for that.

Ive also been searching actually on price and its seems that they have around 100-300 price difference between each other! This is actually why I wanted to see the main differences with them! Its a matter of do I spring for the latest model that will cost me alot more or an old one? Cuz if there so no significant difference, it doesnt really seem justifiable to get the more expensive ones!

Personaly I think that the best option is the Nex3 or Nex5 (depends on how you like the grip). And these cameras are no realy old, just one year old!

Also, since there is a suggestion of getting the successor of nex 5, is there a difference between the 3 and 5 line? I always thought they just succeeded each other!

Well there will come a successor of the Nex5 I think, but only Sony knows what it will look like.

The advice to wait for that, not even rumored camera is a stupid one. You might askt the forum in a few more month about the Nexc5 and find that there will be a Nex7 to wait fr, and then the new Nex x3 and then.... you end up waiting...

Lastly, I just wanted to know your opinion on lenses! What should I spring for? The 16mm pancake lens or the 18-55mm one? Would I benefit in getting both or just getting one and waiting for the new lens to arrive? Any other lens you might recommend?

When you have the monney go for both:

The 16mm 2.8 is a nice lens, quite fast and with a WA or Fisheye adapter you get a nice WA collection. And the Nex qwith the pancake is realy small!
The zoom is versatile for every day use...

Again, thanks alot for taking time answering my question guys! Really much appreciated!

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