Q to 645D , now fill in the gap with a FF Pentax Ricoh

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Re: There is no gap

DagT wrote:

No more than there ever was a gap between 24x36 and 645 film formats, as the ratio between them and the new APS-C and 645D and is the same.

"645" film: 56 x 41.5 => 70mm diagonal
645D: 44 x 33 => 55mm
135: 24 x 36 => 43.3mm
APS-C: 24 x 16 => 29mm

format factor from APS-C to 645D = 1.9
format factor from 135 to 645 = 1.6

(1.4 would be one stop, 2 would be two stops difference)

Also, I know several professional and semi professional photographers who are leaving their FF cameras because difference is quality does not defend the difference in cost.

And others are switching in the other direction, it just depends on what they shoot.

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