Thinking of getting a NEX

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Re: Thinking of getting a NEX

Damovich wrote:

JPG wrote:

I would recommend, if your going to buy a new camera, always buy the latest model of that camera. It won't be obsolete as quickly as the older model. The NEX c3 is the latest model. Wait 6 months there may yet be another, newer and better model, NEX-7 ???? The game goes on as the camera companies rack in the doe.

Thats an advice I would never give, obsoleteness isnt something to be bothered with concerning these camera's, even an old' Nikon D40/D50/D70 or a ('obsolete') Canon 350D will still reward its owner with incredible image quality depending on the lens that is used.

Plus 1. This advise is good for others not DSLR. In the case of Nikon the d3100 does have new sensor unlike D40 to D3000. So its a case by case basic so know what you're getting which this forum is valuable.

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