Thinking of getting a NEX

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Re: Thinking of getting a NEX

Digital Nigel wrote:
gfrensen wrote:

5. Body material (Nex5 is magnesium, Nex (c)3 is plastic

I think the NEX-5 is only partly magnesium -- when I tap on mine, some of it sounds quite plasticcy, just like my plastic Nikon DSLR. In any case, if plastic is good enough for most DSLR bodies, I don't think it's a major reason for choosing between NEX models (though the smaller size and weight of the NEX-5 vs NEX-3 thanks to the Mg body is useful).

Your right it is partial magnesium, look at this picture, only the front part)

And about the plastic, Well this is place 5 out of six, so that shows the importants.

6. Sensor resolution (Nex C3 has the newer 16 MP sensor, the Nex5/3 has the 14MP sensor)

As you see I put the sensor of the new C3 at the last, some will claim that low light performance is way better, I think the differences will be minimal in normal life!

I believe the new sensor also gives a 20% longer battery life, which may be worth more than the modest increase in resolution.

Yes, I forgot that the battery life of the Nex c3 is better, good one!

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