According to Kodak airplane travel destroys your digital camera

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Aku Ankka wrote:

I totally agree that there was no doubt aboout the end result before the test was done - that would be well in line with the tongue in cheek remark in the end about basement etc. I imagine the test was done simply because it had not been done properly before, or if it had, a new study was performed to confirm the results.

Or maybe just because he felt like it.

Now, there is something that might belong in the conclusion.

Now it really is beginning to look like you overlooked most of the paper and concentrated on the conclusion

Of course I concentrated on the conclusion. That's the whole point of a study like this being in a formalized paper, so that important parts can be found quickly. You make it sound like if expecting the conclusion concludes instead of abstracts is some weird outlier.

Seriously, I agree that it could have been placed in the conclusion, but also omitting it is perfectly fiine.

Since it's a conclusion, I can't agree at all here.

500 years in the air for each dead pixel is awfully different figure from what this paper gets.

I didn't get it from the paper. I guesstimated it from the earlier (so far unsupported) statements about Sony ceasing to fly cameras by air and from my knowledge of generally accepted fault rates in mass production. I suspect I've been unclear about this, apologies.

And by dead pixel I mean damage which causes the effects mentioned in the OP video, or enough to disqualify a commercial sale of a commercial level product.

This study was all about hard errors, not soft ones (see introduction).

The references were about soft errors, which is what I took issue with - but that's neither here nor there in a longer perspective.

But yes, we fully agree that the damage is not relevant even for frequent flyers.


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