According to Kodak airplane travel destroys your digital camera

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Oh look, an Ancient Enemy. LOL!

AncientEnemy wrote:

I hate to get involved in what has deteriorated into a p*ssing contest,

No you don't. You call yourself "Ancient Enemy", a name only appropriate for someone who loves war.

but facts are facts.

Yes, they are.

Kodak and those who support it are correct.

That is incorrect, and therefore, not a fact.

Joe W, and those who support him are wrong this time.

That is also incorrect, and again, that means it's not a fact.

NASA uses electronics that are "Rad-Hard" (Radiation hardened)
for space applications due to random gamma ray events damaging electronics.

They use rad hard electronics for mission critical systems due to a variety of radiation events, including photonic (like gamma), high energy particle, and electromagnetic events.

So, your information is partially correct, but totally irrelevant, as NASA also uses large quantities of civilian electronics, including laptops, camcorders, point and shoot cameras, and Nikon SLRs, for non-mission-critical tasks.

It is a fact that these events will happen more often at 125 miles where the space shuttle (used) to go than at 4 or 6 miles where planes fly. And it is a fact that a 'hit' on a RAM chip in a spacecraft that changes a bit from 1 to 0 or vice versa can be far more problematic than a 24MPixel sensor that has one pixel, or even in rare cases one row, knocked out. Nevertheless facts are facts and any of these things can happen.

It is a fact that the RAM bit changing you describe is a "soft event", not causing any permanent damage to the device, and that the sensor damage that has been described is a "hard event", causing a permanent physical change.

It is a fact that it takes a lot more energy to cause a hard event than a soft event.

Please don't ask me to educate you further,

Request accepted. It's an easy request to grant, as you have not only demonstrate a lack of knowledge of the subject, but an assortment of misconceptions. It is bad enough that we already have Sam in this discussion.

I make the same request, in turn.

I also request that you depart, as this place does not need someone who:

  • Does not appear to understand simple concepts such as "fact".

  • Does not appear to understand complex concepts such as "rad-hard".

  • Appears to be here only to act as an "ancient enemy" to random people, in an attempt to cause annoyance.

merely search the term rad-hard or similar and you will seefor yourself.

I would suggest that you take your own advice, instead from operating from a position of "do as I say, not as I do".

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Ciao! Joseph

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