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Re: Help - hair in EVF - or

michelangelocowabunga wrote:
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Did you buy it used?

This is the reason I don't like buying stuff off of eBay

Although I did order my lens hood from eBay because it was only a few dollars over retail, even after shipping and I'm a bit desperate to get it since it seems impossible to find it in the USA.

xpanded wrote:

alwye wrote:

regardless where that piece of dust is, this camera needs to be sent back to retailer.

Bought it off ebay. Awaiting seller to revert. I fully agree with you.

Thanks for your nice thoughts. I have been mostly happy buying off ebay, but I think I am done buying new things there. The X100 I bought new. It is going back. Seller has accepted so hopefully I will at least get my money back. Does not exactly give me a camera. Well, there are bigger problems in the world - 1 or 2

But what a sweet camera. I have wanted one since I drooled over the prototype at Photokina.
To all of you having one: Enjoy!

I must say that Fujifilm has been really helpful.

Xpanded - back in line

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