Sony, why not put new FF sensor into A900 body?

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Sony, why not put new FF sensor into A900 body?

Sorry, but I still do not understand why Sony wants to let A900 body gone so easy and pay all attention just to SLT designed cameras.

A900 body is something what is already done, it is here, it is in factories. So no new
costs for research and development needed.

Some times ago, here was the rumour about upcoming A920 fullframe camera using new 32Mpx sensor. Many people commented it as logical step, but our "dear" SAR denied it (supported by its sources) as fake rumour.

Now we can hear about upcoming Nikon D4 fullframe camera (successor of D3) and new fullframe sensor made by Sony for this Nikon camera.

So, if this is true, why Sony do not use this sensor in its own fullframe camera body (A900)? Can be possible that Sony has developed the new fullframe sensor and let Nikon use it in its camera which is about to be announced in August, while Sony itself is going to wait several months (maybe almost year or so) until SLT designed fullframe camera body is ready?

Why Sony does not use this rumoured "new" fullframe sensor (if it exists) or scaled up A580 sensor in A900 body while at the same time developing SLT FF body?

However I do not own A900 camera, my personal opinion is that A900 body still has its worth and would be shame let it gone so easy.

So here are three scenarios for Sony what to do - just choose at least one!

1) A900 with new FF sensor (probably scaled up A580 sensor) with better in camera JPG's engine

2) A900 with new FF sensor + new AF sensor (maybe A580 AF sensor or AF sensor from upcoming A77 could do the work)

3) A900 with new FF sensor + new AF sensor + manual focus live view/ CDAF live view implementation

Any of these scenarios does not mean almost any extra new costs for research or development since most of the components are same as in the case of A900/A850 and currently produce by factories.

Nikon D4 body is not supposed to be much different from D3 body, so no shame for Sony to use "old" A900 body.


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