According to Kodak airplane travel destroys your digital camera

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Re: Page found :)

theswede wrote:

Aku Ankka wrote:

Ye, it does say that in the file, but I find nothing wrong in the actual experiemnts and the conclusion, do you?

The conclusion, in total, reads:

"The generation of hard errors, resulting in hot spots or white
pixels has been studied. These effects occur in sensors that are
even stored on the shelf. This paper describes experiments that
have been conducted to prove that in fact two mechanisms are
responsible for the hot spot generation. The most severe one
can be attributed to neutron radiation, introduced by secondary
terrestrial cosmic rays. The creation of hot spots is due to
displacement damage in the silicon bulk. It is a typical silicon
issue, independent of technology, architecture, sensor type or
sensor vendor, and it can be observed in CCDs as well as in
CMOS image sensors."

That is one of the most disjointed and unfocused conclusions I have read in a non-highschool paper. It rambles and reads like a mix between an abstract and a conclusion and lists speculation mixed with absolute statements which are not supported by the paper itself. In the end it doesn't contain any form of actual conclusion beyond "[t]hese effects occur in sensors that are even stored on the shelf", which is precisely where we began, without knowing whether air flight affects sensor damage from cosmic radiation.

The title of the paper is Influence of Terrestrial Cosmic Rays on the Reliability of CCD Image Sensors - the conclusion is perfectly fine. You might read a bit more of the paper instead of just writing:

In short, the whole thing is garbage.

I don't see it that way. Maybe you want the paper to answer to a different question it intends and does answer?

Anyhow, if the whole thing is to you garbage, I suspect you did not read the paper, but instead have a predefined view on the issue (or non-issue) and regard uncomfortable papers as garbage - a very humane way to behaving I might add. There may be errors in there as to err is human, but "the whole thing" garbage? Mr. Theuwissen is a kind of an authority in this field, and I find it hard to believe he'd erred so much as to create complete garbage

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