ISO 800 ZERO NR SD1 TEST (very low light)

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Re: ISO 800?

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

What is this, 2002? ISO 800 stopped being an issue for cameras nearly a decade ago.

This is great news for a foveon sensor, where high iso has turned out to be much more difficult to handle than on bayer sensors (maybe because of light absorption through the layers)

Of course the true image quality of any sensor comes a base iso, so the need for high iso is for outside studio situations, thus defining the areas of photography the sd1 can be used

I have seen sd1 as primarily to be used for low-iso jobs, ie studio, architecture or landscapes, after my experience with dp1 and dp2, where street photography etc works better with b&w to eliminate foveon high-iso colour noise
Collected user advice for dp1 and dp2 (including s and x) )

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