"UV" Filter on the 20MM f/1.7 Lumix pancake?

Started Jul 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
Neal Jackson Junior Member • Posts: 48
Only one worth using: Sigma 46mm DG UV

All the others I've tried, from Marumi DHG Lens Protect (yes, it comes in 46mm), Hoya HMC, B+W Multi-Resistant MRC (this is their multicoated version, and as another poster mentioned it is available in 46mm and has been for many years).

In side by side comparisons with a light bulb in the frame, all of the above caused an obvious green ghost in the 180 degree position opposite the location of the light bulb. The ghosting across the above filters was of approximately the same intensity.

The only standout was the Sigma DG. The ghosting, while there, was so faint I had to zoom in to see it.

The best result, however, was no filter.

I've had no problems using most of the above filters (and settling on mostly B+W MRC) with various Canon, Nikon and Leica lenses, even shooting with light sources within the frame. It seems to me that this particular lens, the 20mm f/1.7, just doesn't do well with filters, in agreement with the findings of many others.

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