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Re: Does it really matter?

Does it really matter what cameras we choose? At the end of the day you pays your money and you takes your choice.

I like to understand the basics of most camera systems. It's interesting and hopefully leads to making the right choice (for me). It took me two years of agonising before I switched from SLR's to a Rangefinder. Because it took that long I've been happy and have never regretted the move. If I had, then I would have sold up and moved back.

No matter. At the end of the day it's down to personal choice. Why do people get so defensive and upset over their gear v what everyone else uses? It's not like people are going to be forced into using someone elses kit?!

If I choose and M9 and a Fuji then that's my choice for my reasons. It's not like I won't look at a photo produced by another camera. Far from it. In fact most of the time I recon you could take most of the photos we see here with pretty much any decent camera on the market.


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