Canon goes mirrorless- product to be launched next year! what do you think?

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FF possible, Nikon aiming at 2.5x crop


I expect Canon to deliver something different from what is already out there, because the playground is getting crowded. Here's what's available:

  • Samsung: fairly big APS-C

  • Sony: tiny APS-C

  • Panasonic: fairly big 43 + medium 43

  • Olympus: medium 43

  • Pentax: tiny with a tiny sensor

There are only holes in the market going upward or downward. I don't expect Canon to produce anything with a small sensor. They're a marketing company, they thrive on Big Numbers Because Bigger Is Betterder. So I'd say a FF mirrorless is a possibility. Another tip is in the MirrorlessRumors post, where the exec says the camera would have many of the capabilities of an upmarket DSLR.

At the same time, Nikon would be working on a 2.5x crop mirrorless. And Leica would be working on a large sensor mirrorless, too. With a FF camera, Canon would only have Leica as a competitor, which is good news because Leica will position themselves really high up in the market anyway.

Of the three, Nikon will have to fight hardest. They will also have the problem of the initial lens offering: when I'm out shopping for a smaller camera and I see µ43 with a large choice and Nikon with a slightly smaller sensor and hardly any lenses, Nikon may not look so appealing. For Canon and Leica, it's less of an issue. If I'm going FF, I will wait until eventually the lenses appear. FF is a very specific choice because it's a very specific feature. A 2.5x crop sensor positions the Nikon rumoured camera straight into the middle of the battlefield.


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