According to Kodak airplane travel destroys your digital camera

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Then why did you? Lying is wrong...

There's a commandment against lying, you know.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbors.

samWebster123 wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

I'm sure we can find people who have gone on buses, gone underground and just stayed indoors at home all day and discovered dead pixels that weren't there the last time they looked.

Last time I looked there wasn't any scientific evidence about gamma rays and bus travel but there is plenty of research on airplane travel and CCD damage.

There's not "plenty". That's a lie. There's a small number of obscure papers that deal with the incidence of failure in several really demanding applications, the "class A" sensors we use in scientific applications, and deep well "enhanced IR" versions, at that.

All major camera manufacturers are aware of this

That's another lie. You have repeated so much incorrect information that it is obvious that you are not in touch with what "all major camera manufacturers are aware of" at all.

-go talk to anyone in the cinematography business and they'll confirm it...

I have, they didn't. You are lying, again.

3 chip ccd HD cameras are particularly affected. Sony use to ship cameras by air over the north pole which is more susceptible to gamma rays than typical cross country routes and had to switch to ship due to complaints about ccd damage in their HD cameras.

Got a reference to that absurd claim?

Gamma rays vary in intensity so just because you're on a plane doesn't mean you'll end up with dead pixels!

For all you newbies and non believers

As has already been pointed out, that's a paper dealing with a specific, rare class of sensor.

It also talks about a defect where the pixel sensitivity may be altered, taking it outside the class A cull that your DSLR or motion picture camera was never in, in the first place.

You'll also note that it is not a paper about gamma ray damage , but an entirely different class of particle, and the paper does its calculations based on the radiation at altitudes of 20,000 meters, or 65,000 feet.

So, I guess the moral of the story is don't ship scientific equipment via military reconnaissance aircraft on polar routes during energetic proton cosmic ray storm activity.

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