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What to do with 1080p60 > 28mbps ?

Until now, 1080p/60/50 capture by Sony or Panasonic devices has used an mp4 h.254 cousin of AVCHD, which had been only 1080i60/50 or 720p60.

The problem has been that the 60p/50p bitrate is too high to share on-line, and 1080p60/50 is not supported by Blu-ray. To edit and share, the 1080p60/50 has had to be converted to 1080i or 720p, plus compress a lot. That more or less defeats the purpose, and simply makes editing more laborious and CPU-taxing.

The roll-out of a licenced AVCHD variant of the existing mp4 h.264 sorts of 1080p60/50 may not make a dent in anything, unless someone makes dedicated players and editing tools that are fully compliant. Ultra-broadband web connections compliant with anything over 15mbps are apt to be expensive, and many people who watch a YouTube video don't even bother to select a resolution over the 480p base, which may simply make the buffering and playback stammer badly.

Video limited to clips one can view only in the raw on a high-end PC is not much more invigorating than looking at film negatives. If editing is ancillary, or a special sub-topic of still photos, it is the soul of videography.

In principle, 1080p60/50 could be a "gold standard" for sports video, as perhaps 24p is for "romantic" (slow and ponderous) topics. Unfortunately, there is as yet not a sufficient mode to edit and share the former in a way that conserves enough of its raw traits to make it worth the trouble.

As for 3D AVCHD, will that make any difference, either? There are few true 3D screens, existing players use existing mp4 or MOP file types, and the red-cyan method of sharing on YT is pretty yucky without colored specs, which create a depth perception, but suppress color.

Jogger wrote:

i wonder what the max bitrate will be for 1080p60.. 28mbps isnt really enough when you consider that 720p60 is 24 with 1/2 the spatial resolution. its better to shoot at 720p60 since it give you smoother visuals and less compression. and 1080p in most DSLRs arent even close to displaying 1080x1920 in resolution.

also, why not add 1080p30 to the codec already

JaccoW wrote:

The AVCHD format, which both the Nex-5 and VG-10 use is now updated to version 2.0.
They have now added new specifications for 3D and 1080/60p,50p.

I realize Sony is already using an unofficial version with 50p/60p in their newer HX-9 compacts, but we can hope the Nex gets a slight update.

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