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Too simplistic I'm afraid

thubleau3 wrote:

and well known since 2007 the only reason you get noise is when you generate more current into the sensor to increase sensitivity(higher ISO) the tighter the pixels are packed and the smaller the pixel the more noise affects the pixel that is why small sensors with large pixel counts generate noise even at moderate ISO settings

Your theory only applies when the sensors are of the same technology level.

Otherwise my 5DII Canon wouldn't have considerably better high ISO performance than my 5D despite 21mp rather than 12.7mp on a 36mm x 24mm sensor, my 1DIV Canon wouldn't much better high ISO performance than my 1DIII (16mp rather than 10.1mp on and APS-H sensor) and even the 18mp 550/600/60D having better high ISO than the 15mp 500/50D.

Don't forget that the new 16mp Panasonic M4/3 sensor is considered by reviewers to be a stop better at high ISO than the previous (and current) 12mp sensor.

Judge: ' This image may be better in black and white - perhaps even just black! '

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