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Re: Ricoh DSLR mockup

JacobSR wrote:

So, you have just killed Pentax! You have a lot of guts posting pictures of Pentax cameras with Ricoh's name, arent these cameras made by Pentax?

This is sad and disturbing, and a disregard to all pentaxians. what is your attempt here? Are you promoting this Idea?

Of course I'm promoting the idea. That's the whole point, no? Run it up the flagpole to get a sample of what might be to come. Or might not. Picturing what my next DSLR might look like when I switch over from Nikon.

Despite all the discussions of Pentax branding, Pentax will not be operating as an autonomous company. The Ricoh people will be moving into the Pentax premises (I assume because Pentax' building is bigger so more space) and they will become one indivisible camera company - with supposedly two unique brands of cameras running two unique firmwares, but if so for how long? Is it even financially feasible to have two software teams writing two firmwares even for the combined company?

What should I do with all the Pentax equipment that I collected through the years? should I erase the name Pentax from all these camera and stamp it with Ricoh? From now on lets walk around with our cameras and put masking tape or something on the name plate that says Ricoh.


That's a bit extreme, why would you do that? If you're asking me, I would suggest you do nothing at all to your fine Pentax equipment and keep enjoying your excellent Pentax camera/s for years to come. This hypothetical mockup is just about whether you want to buy the very same camera/s come October with possibly Ricoh's name and firmware on it instead.

Anyway, the mockup image is still a Pentax lens. When I eventually switch from all my Nikon gear to Ricoh/Pentax DSLR now, as I said, I plan to purchase some of those limited Pentax lenses, so I too will be walking around with camera gear clearly labelled Pentax.

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