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Re: S and M are slightly different - S lets you set Auto ISO

Wow, good catch - I didn't realize that it wouldn't go higher than 1600. I have a lot of shots where it chose 3200 or 6400, but I just checked and they were all using the Anti Motion Blur shooting mode - I switch between the two, and never realized the S mode shots weren't going up above 1600. Thanks for that.

Also, no worries - I don't feel criticized, your post is good info - I'll try A mode a bit and see how I like it, although I often like to control exposure through the shutter (even if I'm not getting the perfect metering), just goes with my flow well - but I might get better shots if I let the camera choose shutter and I manage ISO (and of course aperture) instead.

TiagoReil wrote:

In Auto ISo you (the camera actually) cant go past 1600. That is a limitation in the firmware. So you basically have only 4 steps that the camera can choose. 200, 400, 800 and 1600. Remember that each step you set in the shutter speed up, is one the camera must set up in ISO, so basically, you can't move much. So basically you are almost in manual, because you have to match Aperture an Shutter to that limiting amount of ISO the camera is setting. You can check it taking one pic when it starts to blink going to the dark. Check all the photos, they will always be at 1600. It can´t go higher.

I dont mean to criticize you, if you actually find it helpful. Also, if you use manual, please put how it felt, if so much different or similar. Personally I use aperture priority always and always check the ISO I set manually and the speed before taking a shot (to avoid blurring), and compensate if needed.

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