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foody1000 wrote:

I also like S mode since it let's you choose a minimum shutter speed. I have a Minolta MC 50 f1.4 and it is still too slow for indoor low light shooting. The camera seems to always want to minize ISO, and the resulting slower shutter speed yields a blurry photo due to camera shake. I would rather have a good photo at higher ISO. However, S mode is much less helpful in good lighting. For that, I go back to A mode and set the ISO to 200.

This comment is for you and for the above response.

first of all, let me tell you that I dont mean to tell you how to use your camera. If you like how you are using it, keep doing it if it gives you good results. I was just trying to show you that you weren't using S mode actually. I will try to explain it again, and please, dont take it as an attack, but as a conceptual thing. And again, do whatever you like with your camera, as I do with mine.

So, the theory: You have basically 2 ways of thinking with a camera. Full manual mode or some kind of automatization by the camera. Full manual you set everything. The other way around you have several modes that sets part or all of the variables.

Again, this is all theory, lots of cameras have this functionality, so Im not talking from the NEX point of view but from a general point of view:

Aperture Priority : You set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed

Shutter speed priority: You set the Shutter speed (thats the priority) and the machine sets the aperture.

Program: you set iso, color temperature, etc, and the machine sets the shutter speed and aperture. You give almost complete control to the camera.
iAuto: all control to the camera.

These are the most common modes of any camera. Remember, im not saying what you are setting, Im saying what they do. You dont set a Leica M3 in M mode, but you are working in M mode because you set all by yourself (there are no modes in the leica M3)

So when you put a manual focus lens in the camera you still have those modes available to select, but you are not actually shutting on those modes. Conceptually. The machine is not setting the aperture in S mode, you are doing it, so you could have selected S mode, but you are actually WORKIN MANUAL. Because you are setting all the variables. So you may be selecting S, but you are not using S. The same for program mode. You may set it in program mode, but you are not actually using a program mode, because you are setting the aperture manually, so you are actually working as if in Aperture priority.

I know what some are going to say, the ISO trick is the only difference. But the ISO trick for me is no good. The camera only goes from 200 to 1600. Only 4 steps. That is nothing to work with. Also, you don´t see the ISO selected until after it was shot. For some that is also bad.

So what I am saying is that yes you are setting S mode, but you are not actually shutting S mode, you are shutting in full manual mode (if iso is not in auto), and if so, why not just shut in manual mode? You are confusing people by saying that there actually is a WORKING S mode with manual lenses, because there isn't one. You can choose it, but it is not actually working as an S mode, but as M mode.

Again, dont take it as an attack,I just wanted to be clear that there is actually no S or P WOKING mode in the Nex, and that setting those modes actually you are using M and A, so why dont you just shut in M? But if you like setting it there because when you change to the AF lenses, you want it in S mode (and there yes, S mode acts s a real S mode) and you dont want to be changing the mode all the time, it is ok, but you would be using M mode with Manual focus and S mode with AF lenses. Enjoy our beautiful camera.


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