A900, Minolta 16mm Fisheye, Sony 70-400mm (BIF)

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Thank you!


thanks very much indeed for this breakdown of possible uses of the 70-400. The samples are lovely, too (I suppose they print well!), and as you stated, probably not what one would normally use the lens for, it being a long tele but employed for close-ups in these cases. I will have two weeks to evaluate its qualities and will need to come up with my own list of possible uses (none of the categories you developed below apply to my own needs, but I guess that's where the versatility factor kicks in...).

Oh gosh, tips: A book could be written on using this lens (extremely versatile).

For BIF:

  • I shoot BIF w/A900 which gives lots of room to crop

  • Set focus limiter to 3mm - ∞

  • ISO 400 to 800

  • Shutter 1/1250 sec to 1/1600 sec

  • Aperture set to between 5.6 and 8

  • I pre-focus while the bird is sitting and then pan when it goes into flight (practice panning)

  • I always shoot handheld

  • Camera drive set to 5 fps

  • focus set to spot

  • When bird is stationary take a test shot for exposure

For Sports and Air Shows:

  • Set focus limiter to 3mm - ∞

  • Handheld

  • Set shutter high speed to freeze or slower (1/125 sec) and pan and blur background and props

  • Auto focus

  • Spot focus

  • Drive to 5 fps

For flowers:

  • I like to do close up with this lens (minimum focus distance is 5 ft).

  • Set focus limit to full

  • I like to use 400mm for flowers at close focus

  • Set aperture to wide open (dark backgrounds produces nice bokeh)

  • I usually sit on the ground with the lens propped on my knees or sometimes even lay on my stomach

  • I use ISO 200 for this work and set shutter as required

Images along the way: http://hahn.zenfolio.com/serendipity

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