D7000 commander mode?

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Re: D7000 commander mode?

Graystar wrote:

Peter Pans wrote:

Graystar wrote:

In the Flash Commander, the built-in flash can be set to "--" so that it doesn't contribute to exposure.

Could you use a minus flash compensation value to add to that, or should I say take more light away, or would that effect the power of the speedlight?

No. When you set the built-in to "--" you’re turning it off. You can’t get any lower power than off. The only reason the built-in fires is to signal the wireless flash units, and it uses a very low power level to do that.

Of course. How stupid of me.

The solution, if you can manage it, is to use Auto FP. Enable Auto FP and set your shutter to the slowest Auto FP speed, which I believe can be set to 1/250s on the D7000. Slow shutter speeds allow more flash power in Auto FP mode, so 1/250s will provide the most power from the flash.

To make any stray light from the pop-up inconsequential?

No. In Auto FP mode the “fire” signal comes before the shutter opens. So the signal light is avoided completely.


Thanks for your time and effort Graystar Just one last query ~ I know that auto FP is to do with high speed synch, but what does the FP actually stand for?

Focal Plane. It’s a flash mode specific to focal plane shutters.

Thanks, that's another bit of knowledge pigeon-holed

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