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Re: MF Clarification

I don't understand what the point is of using A with a manual lens. With a full auto lens, the purpose of A is to allow you to control aperture, while the camera adjusts the other exposure elements. With manual focus lens, choosing A is redundant, since the camera can't control aperture anyway. You don't have to "tell it" it can't control aperture by choosing A, it knows it cannot. (Your first question.).

Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is this way: when set in "A" mode, the camera believes it is setting aperture and waits for you to set shutter speed while using the ISO you have set, UNLESS you set it to auto ISO. Exposure compensation is always a manual function. You can correct exposure by increasing or decreasing shutter speed, (which affects depth of field), increase ISO, (which affects noise) ... or exposure compensation. I am not certain if exposure compensation affects noise, (although I suspect it does), it obviously does not affect depth of field.

I have a bunch of Nikon glass, (for my D700), and have tried all of it on the NEX. As my "walking around camera", I use the NEX ... the D700 is a "brick" to lug around. For my purposes, the Nikon 35mm, F1.4, AI-s is the ideal lens on my NEX, (although pricey). It is, (for me), the perfect balance of size and weight. And "Yes", I have both the 16mm and 18-55mm kit lenses and their image quality is wanting for images larger than 8 x 10, (in my opinion):

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