Good time to buy SIGMA lenses?

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Re: Good time to buy SIGMA lenses?

I'm sure it's a matter of market share as well. Fewer SA mount lenses sold overall (proportionate to Sigma body vs. Ca/Ni/Sony-Min etc), hence even an uptick in availability will still seem like a small number.

Plus the "auction site" doesn't give very good tools to sort for the SA mount specifically, and many listers don't clearly state SA mount, or paste in the product info for the wrong mount so it disagrees with their own description. When I was searching I had to do a lot of "ask seller a question" for clarification... if you use filters in your search like "-for Nikon" or "-for Canon" while searching listing body and title, you end up missing out on several that could have been SA lenses.

Searching for used Sony-mount Sigma (or Sony) lenses has been much easier.
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