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Robert Schroeder
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Re: Five years from now EVFs should be better than OVF / mirror

boggis the cat wrote:

Robert Schroeder wrote:

DonParrot wrote:

Now, with the blinding fast CDAF of the new PENs and really fast EVFs on the horizon, do you really think any other manufacturer will build consumer DSLRs for more than five years?
I'd say "No way!"

Why not? Mirrors and optical finders are fully-developed and long since mass-produced, phase detection AF has been "blinding fast" for quite some time and will possibly even retain an advantage with bigger lenses for some time to come, and if people will still want to buy such cameras, which may well be a possibility, why shouldn't they offer them?

The critical part of Don's post is "for more than five years". I would expect EVFs to have totally stomped OVF / mirror on all usage aspects five years from now.

Maybe, but why should everyone even then want one?

Actually, I've been a huge fan of the mirrorless + EVF idea myself long before anyone ever heard the name "Micro Four Thirds", but when it comes to reality, I wouldn't want to switch to a new technology as long as there are any, if only small, but relevant practical disadvantages.

And the quality and usability of the EVF is only one aspect, which I actually do already find very near to what I'd need even today.

Another aspect is AF, and as long as there are no 50-200 f/2.8-3.5 or other, somewhat longer and faster telephoto lenses which focus just as fast and reliably as current existing DSLRs do with ultrasonic-drive lenses, I'd have to be out of my mind to replace my DSLR, even if it only was "consumer"-grade, with a mirrorless camera.

And what about the lens lineup? Even if I were a beginner, I'd rather buy a Canon entry-level DSLR, knowing I'd always have a huge amount of lenses to choose from in the future, as long as the mirrorless lineup is significantly more restricted. Given the slow progress Micro FT made since its invention, I have my doubts that in five years time it will even reach what FT offers now - except if they'd manage yet to make the existing FT lenses fully compatible at full AF speed, for which I retain my doubts, though, too.

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