First experiment with HDR

Started Jul 2, 2011 | Discussions thread
luotinen Regular Member • Posts: 223
More lighter version

Tone Mapped:

Original (Neptune76):

luotinen wrote:

Not sure what you tried to accomplish. The scene was not of particarly high dynamic range (the luminosity difference between the darkest and lightest part) originally, so HDR is not needed. If you tried Tone Mapping techniques, you can do it directly without the use of HDR midstep. Below is an example using just GIMP and G'MIC (as plugin).

Neptune76 wrote:

Ok, stuck at home at 3am doesn't give me many options... so I chose my very colorful yet very messy room. I took three exposures and ran them through photomatrix pro.

I like the result, it doesn't look fake but it cleans up the exposure issues.

I'll show the normal "correct" exposure shot (out of the 3 I took) and the HDR version.

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