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A: Aperture priority. You set the aperture, and at a given ISO the system sets the Shooter speed to give you the correct exposure.

S: Shooter speed priority. You set the Shooter Speed, and at a given ISO the system sets the aperture to give you the correct exposure.

As the Nex Cant set the aperture in a manual focus lens, S mode makes no sense (I know, someone is going to point out, that you could put the ISO in auto, and that would mean that all is fixed and Nex sets the ISO, but as the Auto ISO stops at 1600, it is not useful, and also you cant see it until you shoot, so for me this "trick" is useless). S is useless because you set the speed, but the machine cant set the aperture, it would work just as in manual. IF you want manual, set M mode then.

Aperture priority on the other hand works very well, and it is what I use all of the time with manual focus lenses. You set the ISO, the aperture on the lens, and the camera sets the shooter speed (And use exposure compensation if needed). This is my recommended setting.

Program mode also makes no sense, because the camera cant control the aperture. So it will more or less work as Aperture priority. You set the aperture and the Nex matches the speed. It is not program, it works as Aperture priority.

So in a practical way, there are only 2 real modes with a manual lens. Aperture Priority or manual. The rest works as these 2 with some kirks.


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