Back from my first real photo trip (Tim River Algonquin Park) with Pen e-PL2

Started Jul 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Back from my first real photo trip (Tim River Algonquin Park) with Pen e-PL2

After a week of shooting under a wide variety of conditions I have come to really like my PL2. I used to shoot with a Pana FZ30.

The Bad:

1) Changing lenses is a big big pain in the bush. The PL2 just can't compare in having only one lens to go from macro to 420..... BUT

2) The PL2 hotshoe was absolutely hopeless with my old non TTL flash. Getting the exposure right was easy with the FZ but required alot of fiddling with the PL2. The PL2 also couldn't sync past 1/320 even though the FZ never had the slightest problem up to 1/1000. Had to buy a new flash which works quite well but doesn't have near the power of my old flash (which was probably also the problem).

3) Not having a EVF sometimes was problematic in bright light, but not 290$ VF2 problematic ..... I will get over it. I could still read the screen and the histogram but manual focusing and setting white balance would be impossible. Fortunately the autofocus doesn't seem to miss in bright light and the colour balance is full sun daylight anyway. Not having a EVF was probably the biggest misstep with this camera , but then the camera would be bigger which I wouldn't like either.

The Great:

1) The FZ30 really has no dynamic range at all. The PL2 seems to have orders of magnitude more range than the FZ. I didn't have both cameras with me but I shot with the FZ for a long time. I thought the main advantage of the PL2 would be better low light performance but I would say the dynamic range is even more advantageous.

2) The PL2 is really small .... every single piece of equipment I have fit into single Pelican 1300 case (except tripod). I could shoot easily with one hand.

3) I much prefer how the PL2 handles colour vs the FZ30

4) The PL2 really makes good use of the 12MP it has. The FZ30 had 8MP but really seemed to have 5MP since I could never tell the images from the FZ20 and 30 apart. There is no question in my mind the the PL2 has 12.

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