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Definition of Pro

Hi Trevor,

Many times in the last few days I have seen reference to the Pen Pro. Are all the people who use this terminology living on a different planet. A pro is someone who takes pictures to earn a living.


I saw the bank of pro photographers at Wimbledon today and without exception they are Canikon prime big lens users and if you look at the same bank of people in 5years I would put money on it being the same.

Does anybody really believe that in 5 years time in the middle of the pack will be an EP7Pro user. Surely Oly would be much better placed trying to appeal to the E5/E5*E6* clan who aspire to be one of those Wimbledon photographers and all they ask for is the best value for money/quality equipment within their price range. If Oly lose those people they can forget about any aspiration to a Pro Pen however daft an idea it is in the first place.

You have restricted the definition of pro to those who take sports photography for a living.

I agree with your initial statement about pro being those who take pictures for a living. In addition, since we are looking at an Olympus product, we should actually try to see what Olympus means by it (even though we don't necessarily agree with them), by looking at their current line-up and see what they branded as pro. That's the only thing we can conceive, for now.

These would be:
HG(pro) and SHG(top pro)


  • solid build

  • weather-sealing

  • brighter lenses(relative to SG)

  • other differentiating features from entry-level (big OVF, tilt-LCD, very good IS, faster AF)

  • versatility (12-60, 50-200)

Now then we try to make it work with "PEN" which by definition would be:

  • In essence, small

If you take a union of these two sets, it would be like total whack, since small does not fit to most of the pro stuff.

IMO, in order for 'pro PEN' to actually work, it should actually just complement their existing 'pro' lineup in 4/3. Since 4/3 has same system holes that is needed to be filled.

So they have to add these qualities:

  • Faster AF (they seem to be doing it)

  • Complementary fast wide to normal primes (they seem to be working on this too)

  • Flawless compatibility with their existing 4/3 pro lenses (yet to be seen)

  • Various body options for ergonomics with bigger lenses (yet to be seen, but they seem to be doing something about interchangeable grips)

  • Add more HG long primes in 4/3 for a more complete system

  • Ruggedness and weather-sealing on pro m4/3.

In that way you have a complementary system. A wide-normal prime-based small system with a bigger zoom-versatile/telephoto-prime system.

I was actually daydreaming about that here:
John Arvee

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