Is Nik Software using a trojan in Viveza 2?

Started Aug 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
VincentJ Senior Member • Posts: 2,262
Stopped using them after the Nalpeiron debacles.

I bought Silver efex version 1 many years ago, and tried out version 2 recently. Nalpeiron and SEP v2 gave me endless headaches, the mac not going to sleep, SEP itself hanging, the trial period suddenly expiring far sooner than the 15 days, and the software somehow thinking it had already been registered. Tech support was responsive but I just didn't like this new experience.

Uninstalled it all and went back to SEPv1. Things were fine, or so I thought. Until I discovered the mac still wouldn't sleep. Nalpeiron is malware to me, it messes with normal system functionality and doesn't uninstall when you remove the software.

Maybe Nik has fixed stuff, but I don't think I'll use their products again unless they stop shipping malware.

pechspilz wrote:

What do you think? Are you using any onOne or Nik Software plugins and if yes, will you still continue to use them even if they us a trojan (or whatever you want to call that sneaky background daemon in this case) on your computer?

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