S95 Lens Error...I'm now TOAST with this camera.

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theGryphondog Regular Member • Posts: 379
S95 Lens Error...I'm now TOAST with this camera.

This morning I offloaded some images.

I turned on the camera after disconnecting the cable and got the infamous "Lens Error Will shut down automatically Restart camera" message.

Now, I'm dead.

1) The camera was on my desk.
2) The camera has never been dropped.
3) The camera has never deployed in a pocket.
4) The camera has always been in a a case.
5) The camera was purchased in September 2010
6) There can't be 700 images taken, and now it seems to be toast.

If there was ever a more well taken care of S95 I wouldn't believe it. I begin the process of figuring out if Canon will take care of me on it.....

Any suggestions on how to fix this error? The front lens shutter is slightly open. There was no sound accompanying any problem when it first happened? I simply turned on the camera after offloading images.

This is very disappointing.

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