First telephoto/L lens

Started Jul 3, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: First telephoto/L lens

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Considering your present lens, I believe I would use the mentioned $$$ for Tuition.

So because I'm a college student with somewhat budget lenses right now I can't go out a buy a good quality one that will last me a long time?

Thanks for the advice but considering I specifically set this money aside for a nice lens I think I'll be fine.

As for other people who actually had helpful replies, thank you. I've dropped the 70-200L from my choices but I'm still gonna take a bit and decide if I the extra 100mm would be worth $100 and the size difference, as the 70-300 would be much easier to carry in my camera bags (Thinktank Retrospective 10 and Streetwalker) and take when I go on trips.

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