Why did you spend so much money on Leica?

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Re: Why did you spend so much money on Leica?

I think you really have to use a lens yourself to get a feel of how unique it renders an image, the Summarit-M's that I've used (35 & 75) don't really render in any unique way but they are superb lenses, my 35mm Per-asph Lux does but only when shot wide open.

so too do some Canon Lenses like the 35L my favorite being the 50mm f1.4 which is kinda soft wide open but does have a very unique way it renders wide open.

its a personal taste thingl and you won't really get a true sence of how x lens renders by looking at photos on here because each person's PP work differs, the closest I've seen would be Peter's shots from the CV 35 f1.2, a lens which I also have
and IMO has a very unique way of rendering.

snake_b wrote:

I've scanned around the forums and don't believe "the unique way Leica lenses render the image" to be unique. It's more believable to say the configuration is unique, but rendering them is something unbelievable, especially since people can duplicate nearly any camera in PP. Yes, Leica included.

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

moreover, canon 0.95/50 was available way before the new noctilux came out. it is not about availability, not even about image quality. it is about a unique way leica lenses render the image. for most pro photographers it does not make a single bit of a difference, but on some level it indeed becomes a competitive anvantage.
Irakly Shanidze

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