ND filter suggestions please

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Re: ND filter suggestions please

I have the Fader II ND 8 77mm variable filter - it's a great creative tool - but there is an issue with these kind of double polarized varaible filters, when compared to fixed ND filters. It's well known and reported, but I thought I would mention it as no one esle in this thread has covered it.

That is that in some light conditions / orientations with respect to the sun, there is a limit to how far you can stop it down before you begin to get an X- shaped vignette effect that can spoil the image. It's then a matter of backing off until it disappears, or at least becomes soft enough to be acceptable. The effect is most pronounced on wide / super wide angle lenses. I often hit the limit with my 11-18 Sony lens. I have a step ring that allows me to use it on my 16-80 CZ also.

'm still happy I bought it though! It's very well constructed, and very flexible in a small package.

Here's a picture I took with it, where the vignetting is apparent, but I like the effect in this one.

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