Moving to a "lesser" forum...

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Moving to a "lesser" forum...

You know, sometimes you run into those "Wow, talk about some bad luck!" times. And then you into some other "Wow, so much bad luck again! I hope it stops there." problems adds up to the first one.

And then, you run into one more "Crap, not again! Will this ever come to an end?" problem.

Well, that's what happened to me lately, and I was forced to sell a lot of stuff: sound gear, old Canon vidcam... and my D700.

With the D700 being backordered everywhere, I was able to sell it for a considerable amount of money (in fact a bit more than what I initially paid for), much more than what I could get for all my Pentax gear. I had no choice but to part with my D700. Selling the rest of my gear was impossible (I need my computer for work and my no way I'm EVER gonna sell my Elinchrom studio gear: it's more important to me than the brand of camera I'm using).

And unfortunately, my K-7 and my K-mount lenses weren't worth enough to cover the unexpected, major and urgent expenses I had to deal with. So out went the D700.

But since I had some taste of Nikon's great AF, no way I'm going back to the K-7. I'll trade my Pentax body and lenses for a D300s with some kind of 85mm F/1.8 lens. And when the business will get better (pretty slow these days), I'll buy a D700 again... Or its successor, should it be available by then. I'll use the D300s as a backup or second camera.

Until then, it will be my 16-35mm F/4 VR with my SB-700, and the new D300s plus 85mm F/1.8D: nice kit to start with, and all lenses are FF, so I can use them on my next FF as well when I get back to it.

It was a hard decision to take, but a necessary one. The D300s will be a good tool for now: great AF and ergonomics like the D700, a little less DR and high ISO performance but a bit more reach, which can come useful (85mm F/1.8 is on APS-C is like a 127mm F/2.8 on FF: not that bad). It's a fair trade, considering I'll get the D300s used for about $1000.

So I'll be in the D300s "lesser" (kidding of course, the D300s seems like a great camera) forums for the next few months. When I can afford a D700 or its successor again, I'll be back. Until then, wish me luck.

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