According to Kodak airplane travel destroys your digital camera

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Airplane altitudes, gamma levels, and space, the final frontier...

adegroot wrote:

I think no one knows this

That is because it simply is not true. It is not possible to "know" that which is not true. It is possible to "believe" that which is not true, however, this particular non-truth is lacking in basic believability.

and this is shocking news !

No. In order for it to be "shocking", it would have to be true, and to have a large impact. As several people in this thread have pointed out, there is no impact...

  • Many of us have flown insane numbers of miles with our cameras, and have not noticed the sort of damage that Kodak is claiming.

  • Cameras do not automatically map out hot, dead, or stuck pixels. The annoying number of "do you have dead pixel mapping software for XXX camera" threads on dpReview is evidence of that.

Now, here's why it's not true...

  • Gamma radiation levels at an altitude of 40,000 feet are only 5x the average terrestrial surface level. Radiation effects are cumulative, not threshold based, so a 3 hour flight is no worse than 15 hours at ground level. Add up your total air hours. Even a 100,000 mile/year traveler only logs 200 air hours. That's equivalent to 1,000 ground hours or radiation, out of a 8,760 hour year. So, that much flying would cause a whole 11% increase in long term radiation failures.

  • Modern aircraft have many cameras on board. These cameras make multiple air trips each day, and accumulate many times more air hours than personal, or even professional cameras.

  • Gamma radiation has a biological effect, do you see flight crews wearing dosimiters? (dosimiters contain film, LOL!)

Ok, and don't forget this little tidbit...

What do you supposed the gamma ray levels are aboard the International Space Station, where some of the Nikon cameras are over 8 years old? How many high resolution imaging sensors are currently in space in the instruments on various space craft, some of which are operating closer to the sun than Earth's orbit. Trans mercurial orbit, anyone?

I bet Kodak's own sensor division is laughing their rears off at this bit of film marketing fluff.

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