K5 : combine high ISO and flash

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K5 : combine high ISO and flash


Intro: I'm comming from a ist DS to a K5. I like to combine the ambiente light with the flash light. Now with the K5 and it's high ISO it seems that this is nicely possible.

On the other hand I used with my is DS only the M-Mode to balance the ambiente light with the flash light...if it's ISO-range let this permited . Therefore I'm not so familiar with the posibilities the K5 have for that...like P-Mode and so on..

So it would be nice if you could post some tips, how you use the K5 for such situations.

Because my spelling is poor, I post via a test-pictures what I do...and what I try to achieve.

To the test picture: It's clear, it's a dull test-picture, but my point is that I try to balance the monitor picture / the lamp-light with the flash light. But I think for real pictures ...the purpose is similar.

1 - ambiente light: this is the test-picture without using a flash:

ISO 3200 / f5 / 1/200sec. M-Mode

I did set the EV to 0 for the picture. Now I use the flash. I set in the M-Mode the EV from 0 to ca -0.5...-0.7 EV to get the right balance I wish:

ISO 3200 / f5 / 1/180sec. M-Mode with flash: EV-gap ca: -0.5..-0.7

Now a test-picture how it should not looks like:

ISO 100 / f5 / 1/180sec. M-Mode with flash: EV-gap ca: -4...-5
As you can see: You cant see the ambiente light from the lamp and monitor

Ok... now this always takes time to adjust. And please don't take the aperture and shutter speed not too serious, it's clear that I could vote better settings for that for a real picture
Now the K5 have a improvement for the M-Mode:

If I find the right EV-gap for my picture, but didn't like the shutter speed or apterture, I can now press the AE-L button and can change the aperture or the shutter speed...but the camera keeps the EV-gap.

I also tried the P-Mode, but it's also a try to find the right EV-gap, because the P-Mode do not show it, and if I use a low ISO the P-Mode can not perform magic.

So... how do you solve such wishes with your settings?

best regards kikivrany

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