Lens and Other Advice For First Time Safari in Kenya

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Re: Lens and Other Advice For First Time Safari in Kenya

I just came back from a Trip to South Africa which involved some game watching. I will keep my post short: you want it ZOOM, you want it LOONG. I am also on a 5D and travel for business, so weight and size ARE a serious issue. Advise: if you can't afford or can't fit a 100-400, get a Tamron 70-300 USD VC. It's a very fine lens, sharp, focuses really fast and it's stabilized (for early morning or dusk landscapes) and it's compact and light (for a 300 zoom). And it's very affordable. It's what I have now and even when indeed you will wish you had brought a longer lens at times, a 300 lens will certainly allow for very nice shots and price/weight/size ratio of this lens can't be beaten...A 200 lens will be somehow limiting in my opinion.

Take that and the 24-70 and you should be good to go. Less lenses and less hassle also mean you focus more on the experience and enjoy it much more..

Just my 1 and 1/2 cents....


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