Travel camera - SLR or pocket?

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Marco Nero
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G-Series & s95

It's a pity S95 doesn't have longer zoom, would make my decision somewhat easier

When i travel, I like to get a clean, clear photograph as often as possible... especially in low light.. Only you can decide which camera/s to bring with you. If it were a major vacation to someplace interesting, I'd consider bringing two cameras with you (if your budget allows). I recently spent a day with my G-11 and s95 and found that the s95 did best in the lower light environments (caves etc) and the G11 performed best in well-lit conditions.

I'd prefer to have the convenience of a compact camera than a bulky DSLR unless I was say visiting Africa or the Pacific etc where a Circular Polarizer would perform well alongside a strong zoom. The G12 would be my choice for a single camera for your trip. If you're not about to buy good lenses with a medium-priced DSLR, then go with the smaller compact digitals for great results.

Marco Nero.

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